Why are our services free?

A good question, especially since we help people find the right financial advice and don’t charge them anything… not a single penny.

We work on a success-based model – that’s great news for you

We work on a success-only model, which means we’re invested in always matching you to the right advisor and keeping the quality of our expert network as strong as possible.

It’s standard practice across the financial industry for pension providers, investment companies, insurers and other providers, to pay a commission when products are successfully arranged.

As each provider only pays on success (and in actual fact, many will clawback commission if products are withdrawn), it is always in the advisor’s interest to recommend the right products that are appropriate and affordable.

When the advisor is paid, they pay us a share of whatever commission they make.

In the unlikely scenario that you decide not to go with the advisor we’ve passed you to, or if they’re unable to help you get what you want, we don’t get paid.

Advisors may also charge an advice fee, depending on the nature and difficulty of your application, and can only ever do so in agreement with our fair fee policy.

You are not charged any fees if they cannot get the product they promise. Occasionally a fee will be charged for some services as a matter of standard process (Will writing services, for example), but the advisor will always let you know about this upfront.

Why do we do it this way?

How we work sets us apart from many other companies who run a business geared around selling your enquiry for an upfront fee, or to the highest bidder. These business models are incentivised on volume with no regard for quality service or positive outcomes.

With us, it’s totally different. We’re with you on every step of the journey, from your initial enquiry right through to getting your pension, investment or insurance policy completed. Why? Because we care!

Customers love us!

As a result, our customers are only referred to the most suitable advisor. We work tirelessly on recruitment, training, and management of specialist advisor firms, meticulously checking their customer feedback scores and numerous other data points to ensure they deliver the best service and best outcomes for customers.

While a success-only business model is the norm for us, during times of exceptionally high demand, we occasionally work with carefully selected partners and charge them per referral. This ultimately makes Online Money Advisor less money but enables us to maintain our five-star customer service standards throughout our busiest periods.

Aren’t all financial advisors the same?

In a word… ‘no’. There are advisors who specialise in pensions, advisors who are insurance experts, advisors who focus on investment expertise, the list goes on and on.

If there’s one thing that sets the advisors we work with apart from the rest … it’s that they are geared up for success, which is good for you … and good for us.

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